Tunde Omotoye

Co-Founder & CEO, HumanSquad


Tunde Omotoye is a seasoned passionate professional who is presently a Senior Business Operations Analyst in one of Canada’s Big 5. In his present role, he oversees the human resources aspect of the business management operations team of the largest technology operations department of his organization.

Prior to now, he was the lead operations resource for the networking department in one of the largest insurance companies in Canada. In that role, he maintained a core balance between playing a HR specialist where he looked into creating critical thought process plans for the networking department while having an overview of system related issues country wide.

Tunde regularly shares his professional experience by straddling stories between Nigeria and Canada while using it to inform and educate young professionals. Through doing this, useful practical information on how to prepare for interviews, write resumes, prepare a cover letter and so much more are dispersed. Tunde is presently a WES and IELTS Nigeria Ambassador. Also, in June 2020, he founded HumanSquad (@HumanSquadCA), an Immigration plus Personal Branding Toronto-based tech startup that help people navigate their Canada immigration journey & career path.