Femi Bakre

Founder, Kraks TV


Femi Bakre is a graduate of the University of Lagos, Akoka where he was awarded a baccalaureate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In 2014, he graduated Summa Cum Laude and as the Overall Best Graduating Student at the University of Lagos. His future ambition is to own a conglomerate of companies and NGOs with the sole purpose of adding value to the life of the average Nigerian and also impacting the world positively.


Following his achievement as the overall Best Graduating Student – University of Lagos (2014), the founder of viral content aggregator KraksTV has an almost unrivalled hold on the data and attention spans of Nigerians. In two years, KraksTV has become the foremost aggregator of African slapstick humour and ‘reality interviews’ a sub-genre of vox pop television that aims specifically give the interviewee the slip and sleight of hand, finding fun in the most inane of situations. With hundreds of millions of views, social media accounts that boasts millions of followers and a website that allows registered users share their submissions, Kraks TV has stumbled on a mine of crowd-sourced content and spun it into gold.


Bakre is quietly investing in other new media platforms, expanding their reach through easily downloadable mobile applications that allow young Nigerians to engage their interests.


Furthermore, Bakre has used KraksTV as a medium to support and promote upcoming talent in the entertainment industry. These include and are not limited to comedians, singers, rappers, producers, etc.; many of whom have gained recognition and boundless opportunities through our platforms.


KraksTV has aided numerous business owners in various countries to connect with potential clients and grow their businesses by providing a platform for them to advertise and creating custom content tailored to their target market.


In 2017, Bakre obtained a master’s degree in Future Power Networks at Imperial College London and also clinched The Future Awards Africa prize for New Media.


In the last one year, KraksTV has moved from just an online media platform, and grown into a digital marketing agency, an e-Radio, e-food channels and now has a full Ltd company with a growing workforce and clientele.